They think my toes are sweetcorn and other stories

They think my toes are sweetcorn and other stories

So much has happened since my last chicken update. We sadly lost the fabulous Tina Turner last year to peritonitis and I did not realise just how upset we would all be. We had all fallen in love with them, and she especially had us enamoured with her cheeky feisty personality. I took her to the vets to be told she had to be euthanised (sniff) and we gave her a fitting burial in a shoe box down the bottom of the garden. She lived up to her name and simply was the best.

Then we heard a new chicken rescue  was happening in December, and now feeling like seasoned Chickeneers we requested FOUR more!!

My parents are currently visiting from the UK and so they and the kids named them: Doris, Brenda, Patty & Selma. My Dad has made them a fabulous chickenarium (his word!) and they now have 3 hen houses. They're the most pampered pet hens! 

Caged eggs are now banned in NZ. These latest rescues were in way better condition as they hadn't been caged but were going to be killed. I'm still really wary of peritonitis and Shawn from the animal sanctuary in Matakana advised Grapefruit extract oil in the water has helped with her rescued hens and this common problem. 

Another problem was pigeons!! We were being invaded by them after the kids scattered grain so now we only scatter grain inside the chickenarium and have some self feeders from dinachook and also feedomatic. Their cost has been well worth it based on how much grain we (the pigeons, sparrows, blackbirds, thrushes and myna birds) were going through. Our current set up is working really well!

Treats they currently LOVE are grapes, peaches and sweetcorn but I won't get this colour on my toes again haha.





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